Dolomiti Energia Trentino creates AquiLab with the participation of the Barça Foundation


After estabilishing a good relationship within the One Team related activities, Dolomiti Energia Trento and Barça Foundation are now building an even stronger collaboration based on their common awareness of how important sports can be in sharing and strengthening social and community values. This synergy exchange took place when Dolomiti Energia Trento presented “AquiLab”, its new “laboratory” for social projects.

Like Barcelona, Dolomiti Energia Basket Trentino has in fact always been an organization heavily committed to a wide range of humitarian projects and solidarity iniziatives, and has been deeply connected to the local community involving associations in its events and working with schools to help the students have learning experiences.

In order to raise the quality and the impact of such work, Aquila Basket and its main shareholder "Fondazione Aquila per lo Sport Trentino" decided to create AquiLab, a new laboratory to develop all its social responsability projects in a more efficient and structured way.

AquiLab's work will be based on the values and the identity of the club, promoted and preserved by the Foundation, and will be divided into four areas: Dolomiti Energia For No Profit, School, Community, and Special Projects (which include One Team projects).

The new laboratory has been presented to the club's stakeholders in December in a workshop where Ramon Garriga, the European Projects Coordinator for the Barça Foundation, was invited as a guest panelist. During the event, in a similar way to what he did during the last two One Team Annual Workshops, Garriga shared with the Fondazione's director Massimo Komatz, and the AquiLab's coordinator Stefano Trainotti the vision and the programs of The Barça Foundation, creating the base of a strong collaboration between the two organizations.